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Heavy use of electronic cigarette also need not worry about carcinogenic formaldehyde

Electronic cigarette safety research continues to release, this time is about the comparison of formaldehyde intake when using electronic cigarettes and eVic-VT Full Kit cigarettes.
Research as a result, even if the heavy use of electronic cigarettes, reached the amount of 350 a day, also no worry about the risk of carcinogenic formaldehyde. The research results show that the heavy use of electronic smoke every day 350, the amount of formaldehyde, only breathe all day international health organization recognized indoor clean air standards one 6 of the amount of formaldehyde. While the use of tobacco products are exposed to formaldehyde content is far more than this standard.
The study was supported with British American tobacco company.
Statistics show that cigarette can kill directly or indirectly half of its users.
So evic vt we can rest assured, the use of unique shape and temperature control, use after feeling is very good!

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