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Minnesota may smoke oil 800% tax

Minnesota are discussing a bill through higher taxes to limit the electronic cigarette smoke oil products, the size of the tax of up to 800%!
Electronic cigarette industry booming, directly by the huge impact the traditional tobacco industry.
Well, the tobacco industry is a profiteering industry, but also created the astronomical taxes for the government. And the development of electronic cigarettes, let many smokers no longer use cigarettes, which cause serious damage to the health and health and safety, but also taste better electronic cigarette products. The tobacco industry, market share, a shrinking in the first quarter of 2015, the number of smokers has fallen to an all-time low.
But rich tobacco industry, tobacco industry is more deep pockets, then invested heavily against electronic cigarette industry.
First, the tobacco companies investing heavily, wanted to find out the dangers of electronic cigarettes, but so far nothing, all trying to prove that the research of electronic cigarette harmful finally be falsified.
Second, the tobacco industry lobbying the government, in the hope that through administrative laws to limit on the use of electronic cigarettes, and electronic cigarette industry.
But all this is destined to be invalid, the trend of electronic cigarettes instead of tobacco has been established, no matter how the tobacco industry dying, are doomed to die.

Tobacco, the biggest cancer Joyetech eVic-VT Kit of human civilization, will eventually be put an end to the science and technology.

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