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Gigi Hadid Starts Many Trends — but Her Fans Love This One Most

Ever since the Much Music Video Awards and a casual courtside outing, Gigi Hadid's been branding her clothes — from the back of bomber jackets to swimsuits. Bloggers and brands are all on board, offering pieces you can embroider with your own initials.

It's not that you can't follow in Gigi Hadid's footsteps when it comes to her monogrammed looks, it's just that your inspired piece won't be identical. You see, the message behind Gigi's style note is clear: every girl should take pride in her unique qualities — starting with her name.

While Gigi's let her sister Bella try on her uniform for size, we all know there's only one Gigi. Scroll to see 14 of her copyrighted fashion moments, then read up on the places you can secure a personalized design of your own.

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