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Kendall Jenner Just Wore Your Ideal Luxe-Meets-Lazy-Girl Outfit

Kendall Jenner has been busy party hopping and runway walking during Paris Fashion Week, but she's still finding time to show off her flawless street style. The reality-star-cum-model stepped out in Paris wearing your ideal weekend ensemble, with a dressed-up twist.

While jeans and a tee may seem about as basic as outfits come, Kendall effortlessly upgraded her look with just the right add-ons. Take for example her Stella McCartney creepers; they add just the right amount of edge while still feeling polished. And the same goes for her shearling jacket; it brings both coziness and the cool factor to her simple ensemble. Read on to see how she's keeping it chic at PFW and then shop similar pieces for your own Fall wardrobe.

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