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This Is the Edgy Wedding Hair Accessory Indie Brides Have Been Waiting For

If there's one thing the Rodarte New York Fashion Week show is known for from a beauty perspective, it's breathtaking, fashion-forward hairstyles and accessories. In previous, years the brand has given us textured rose braids and medieval, side-slicked hair, but for this year's Spring 2017 show, lead hairstylist Odile Gilbert decided to keep the hair simple and down, showcasing a multifabric, wedding-worthy hair accessory as the focus instead.

To create this fairy-tale-inspired style, begin with a barely there wave in your hair. You can get this by air-drying your strands (if that is your natural texture) or using a flatiron to create a subtle bend. Pick a few spots along the back of your head to crisscross a set of bobby pins. These Xs anchor where you'll attach the flowery hair pieces. While Odile used handmade, lace, feather, and bead intertwined pieces, you can simply pick up a few tiny flowers from your local craft store and glue them to a barrette for a similar effect. Finally, simply snap the petal-covered barrette onto those crisscrossed bobby pins so that they won't slip out, and voilá! The look is finished and you're now all set to go for your next wedding or music festival.

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