Wednesday, December 21, 2016

I was looking into Eleaf Aster or the iStick 60W TC Mod but I think I’ll go with this Aster. Battery life and size of the mod are my biggest concern right now.

Elegant and rounded with attractive colors, the iStick TC60W features its changeable magnetic covers for ease of switching your 18650 cell and changing the covers into a different color.Being powerful with 60W maximum output, it is also updated with the smart technology of temperature control supporting both Nickel 200 and Titanium coils.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Eleaf iCare Sure is the tiniest All-In-One Kit ever! Perfectly simple and compact for those of you wanting to make the switch to vaping.A must-have vaporizer especially for those who enjoy vaping with less clouds but excellent in flavor.
This portable and conveniently-used kit is so popular among vapers, both beginners and veteran vapers. Similar operation you can use as the previous Evod Pro series starter kit, this new version is featured by 4ml eliquid capacity and built-in 2500mA
Now i will recommend you this newly released Eleaf product: Eleaf iPower! This fantastic stuff is available and in hot sale on official authorized online store Believe the affordable price and innovative design will absolutely impress you so much!
I have the iStick Pico , I’ve had it for one month days now. I really like it, it has plenty of power available and its really nice because of how small it is. I haven’t had any problems with it. Eleaf iStick Pico Kit is a perfect combination of the innovative iStick Pico Mod and Melo III/Melo III Mini atomizer. The iStick Pico, as its name implies, is preferable, innovative, compact and outstanding.
The Same output , all powered by 3 18650 Batteries, the Wismec RX200 And Eleaf iStick 200W , Which one you like more ? here is the look of this two mod .

Eleaf iStick 200W newly released iStick TC200W by Eleaf can fire up to 200 watts with a huge amount of vapor production. Still intelligent, the iStick 200W Mod is featured with switchable TC(Ti/Ni/SS/TCR) modes and upgradable firmware which makes your device always up to date. Moreover, the innovative streamlined shape with metallic finish also makes iStick TC200W so fashionable in appearance and comfortable to hold and the unique design of flip-open battery cover is another bright spot, bringing the ease and convenience of replacing 18650 cells. It's reallly worthy giving this fantastic device a try.

Wismec Reuleaux RX200The RX200, a new version of Reuleaux series, designed by JayBo, still features the use of three removable 18650 batteries and reverse polarity protection. However, the new and powerful chip has a maximum output of 200 watts and advanced temperature control functions including Titanium, Nickel and Stainless Steel modes. The upgradeable firmware and vibrant color options separate this from the rest.
You May know there is a new Eleaf products coming into the market, but you know the detail information about it and where can you buy 100% authentic box mod of it ? here is the detail information about Eleaf iPower TC80W
The Black iStick 50W is very convenient and portable, but it also packs many amazing features such as 50 Watts capabilities and a beautiful OLED screen. The Eleaf iStick 50W boasts an incredible 4,400 mAh battery capacity, ensuring that it iStick 50W is a super upgraded version based on iStick series batteries. Powerful vapor can be generated due to the expanded range of output voltage(2V-10V)/ wattage(5W-50W) with 4400 mAh battery capacity. It retains strong spring connector and wear-resistant stainless steel thread. Moreover, the additional temperature alarm function makes it high-safety even in strong vaping. Great feeling when you hold it because of its size and the rounded edges, while side charging port is also a plus.
Flooding and Gurgling is one of a very commen questions To Vape Tank .Here is 6 Simple Tips to help you solve this problem,hope it can do you help . Step 1: Faulty Atomizer Coil: One of the most common 

Monday, December 19, 2016

A lot of primary users in the use of electronic cigarettes when there are a lot of small problems. Why my electronic smoke oil? Why my electronic cigarette smoke so small? Why my electronic cigarette smoking can have the smell of burnt food? These are the result of the atomizing core. Atomization core was dominated by cotton, fever wire, contact, aprons…
A lot of primary users in the use of electronic cigarettes when there are a lot of small problems.

Why my electronic smoke oil?
Why my electronic cigarette smoke so small?
Why my electronic cigarette smoking can have the smell of burnt food?
These are the result of the atomizing core. Atomization core is dominated by cotton, fever wire, contact, aprons and other parts, is responsible for the main parts of the smoke oil atomization.
Then what’s the reason leading to the above those problems?
The spill
When the atomization core after use for a long time, it is difficult to hold the smoke oil, so that the smoke oil leakage phenomenon. This is normal, as long as to change the atomization core can be solved.
Product oil
When oil atomizing core product, will reduce work efficiency, cause atomization effect becomes poor, out of the smoke quantity is small.
Burn cotton
When the atomization core work, instantaneous output power is too high. Make the cotton core too nervous in the working state, lead to poor conduction oil, hot wire will start dry cotton core, and the smell of burnt food is produced. The need to reduce power to solve
eVic-VT Full Kit With its new cutting edge technology of temperature control, embodies the concept of a healthy alternative lifestyle.
Are you familiar with Joyetech eVic VT?
Joyetech eVic-VT Kit is the premium electronic cigarette.New cutting edge technology of temperature control, embodies a healthy lifestyle.
We are officially authorized by the website, in order to celebrate the black Friday, now ushered in a wave of discounts!

You only need to input the coupon “evicvt20151103″ on the corresponding field when doing your checkout and you’ll get the 5% discount for all products on the website. The offer lasts for a month starting from November 5 and welcome to enjoy the big sale!
Mode switch:
1. Press the ignition key 3 consecutive trip to the setup menu.
There are four line information in OLED screen display,
(1) nickel temperature control [Temp Ni) (n - Ni], titanium temperature control/Temp Ti (VT – Ti),
Power [Power (VW)].
(2) in the temperature control mode, this guild shows that the output power (W) in power mode,
This guild shows that the output voltage (V).
(3) the atomizer resistance. The temperature control mode, here will be displayed at the same time resistance locking.
(4) the user information (battery), the total number of smoking mouth, use time
2. Press the ignition button three times, after the first line will be flashing, knob regulator said it had entered the Settings menu. To the right temperature control switch nickel [Temp Ni) (n - Ni], titanium temperature control/Temp Ti (VT – Ti), Power (Power (VW)] model. Press the ignition key, or such as screen flicker Settings will be saved after 10 times and exit the Settings menu.
Electronic cigarettes are too many kinds, have fun, have a nice, there are also quit smoking for cigarettes, and pure is to B. Good full to see be fond of, you are a young man, for example, are likely to be fond of that kind of cool big electronic cigarettes, but you have to accept the use of the electronic cigarette is not convenient, must according to switch to a smoke with the hand, for example, must be their own DIY, have to ask you for electronic cigarettes has some common sense to understand.
But for the majority of the middle-aged uncle of age, they may just want to simple smoke went, don’t need any super large electronic cigarettes. At present more popular Joyetech eVic-VT, is a high-grade electronic cigarette products. Its appearance, the use of material are similar to other, below I introduce the characteristics of it.
1.The Variable Temperature (VT) brings out a different flavor experience with the change of temperature settings
2.Nickel 200 (Ni,Made in USA) and Titanium (Ti) wires, applied with eGo ONE Mega atomizer, greatly enhance the performance of eVic-VT.
3.The Variable Temperature (VT) system provides an almost perfect vaping experience with various e-juice through temperature control system,and at the same time, it decreases e-juice consumptio.
4.Also, it is economical in battery consumption. When vaping, the wattage will reach to maximum in no time and the device can easily sustain in high temperature but with much lower wattage.
5.eVic-VT can record your vapor Time and Puff automatically. In Time or Puff mode (flashing), long press the fire button to eliminate records of each.

French fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent , have faith in: Fashion fades, style is eternal.”
Women are sensitive and persistent about model clothes, in recent years, we can see familiar clothes from fashion show,
they were designed one hundred years ago.
Winter comes, the best classic overcoats are worthy of being collected, you deserve!
Russian debutante Miroslava Duma, it girl, even though she is petite, her dressing styles are classic.
Her styles are changeable, she is pregnant, however, her styles are still unique and chic.
For women, when you are pregnant, have you ever imagined your styles, learning from these styles can help
create your images in the future.
These dresses are not wedding dresses, but they are  like wedding dresses.
Maybe in your mind, the wedding dress should be elegant, grand and fashinable.
However, you don’t need to choose it from wedding dresses, some delicate dresses can become the spotlight at the wedding.
The following classic dresses are so attractive that they must leave a deep impression on people’s mind.
Lts appreciarte them together.
From the Sofia Coppola and Tomans Mars, Hollywood super stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to the Prince William and Kate princess and the Obamas
Some have unparalleled beauty, others have inestimable gift, and some are powerful and sucessful, all of them are influential lovers in the worldwide,  not metion  to their classic  dressing styles and good dressing tastes, they are the followers and cretors of fashion, let’s see their classic match.
Sultry Autumn,  how cound you miss the beautiful and sexy Bohemian dress?
Do  you know about Keira Knightley?  maybe you have seen the movie <Pride and Prejudice >, she played the leading role in that movie.
If you can not think of her, you must see the famous movie: Pirates of the Caribbean. She was also a cheif actress.
She always leaves a deep impression on people’s mind  through the perfect performances.
More than that, she keeps improving about her dressing tastes,  you must be fascinated with the following classic styles of her.
When it comes to the cool autumn, and people all  prepare themselves for the season changing
the change of dress style,  gilrs will care about the match of clothes.
as a matter of fact, u can still weat summer slothes, if you have a good understanding of the match.
the light sweater is the perfect item with the season changing,
nowadays, the mashup has led the fashion trend,  the match between thick and thin clothes is popular.
U can see the street snap below, you must like these kinds of colocation.
Swedish fashion bloggers Victoria Tornegren
handsome wheat color skin interpret handsome fashion
Victoria Tornegren got a lot of attention on Milan Fashion week
Fashion blogger Marcel Floruss dress collection, formal wear and casual clothing.
Men’s fashion blogger Marcel Floruss came from Brooklyn, New York
He is good at leisure suit and leisure clothing Mix sports item
A belted coat will accentuate your smaller middle while playing up your enviable waist to-hip ratio (move over, Marilyn!) and overall Hourglass figure.
Avoid empire waists, which can make you look like you’re pregnant and stunt your overall appearance.
Wide lapels are having a major moment and will give the girls room to breathe,
unlike fitted bodices and darts that can cause unsightly uniboob (avoid at all costs).
Pair this plush pick with a fedora and leopard print scarf for an ultra-polished finish.
Roberto Cavalli 2014 spring/summer women’s clothing show
20′s Art Deco goddess
Daisy Lowe is sweet with personality, do you like her personal photo collections?
Marios Schwab uses sharp and extremely perfect line to win the popularity. And 2014 early spring vacation series seem start from the pieces of London’s Victoria and Albert museum, stick pieces and beautiful again.
New face Model beautiful pics collection
Dark, intense, classic!
2013 autumn/winter fashion trend,
the royal navy blue to replace classic black,
and become the main tone this season.
Charlotte Dellal was well-born, then marry well.
No matter appearance and talent, she is the person who is worth envying.
And she is the founder of Charlotte Olympia.
Let get more knowledge on this blonde It girl.
Golden curls, sexy lips, retro curls,
we could clearly see that the 40′s and 50′s style influenther a lot.
Digital design mix into natural printing, fashion people’s in piece, printing skirt
Bellow are more interesting printing skirt, from traditional flower design to digital printing.
Hotter and hotter trend of anime Mix vogue. Anime popular culture has become fashion inspiration. The Ka – Pow in comics show in the Tom Ford winter and autumn dress show.
As the biggest fashion event, London fashion show will come on time. Combine classic and fashion style. Burberry Prorsum、Erdem、Christopher Kane、Paul Smith and other brands.

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