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The Dangers Of Fake E-cigs

I have heard people in the vaping community say that fakes are fine. They say that when they break down just buy a new cheap imitation. Sure, they don’t last but they are cheap so who cares? Listen, not only are fake vapes cheap but they also may be dangerous.

  • Unreliable, unenjoyable vaping experience.
  • Fake e-cigs often get very hot to the touch and can be uncomfortable to handle or even cause burns.
  • Fakes can overheat and burn e-liquid generating toxins in the vapor.
  • Low-quality materials that break down easily.
  • Counterfeit coils with coil wire that cannot properly resist heat so you end up inhaling vaporized, metallic particles.
  • Poor technology that does not properly regulate electric current.
  • Unreliable safety features and battery impurities that can lead to a fire or explosion.
  • Very difficult to trace manufacturer so if something does happen it would be very difficult to recover damages.
So, buying the E-cigs that produce by reliable factory are vital to your safety. You can buy it on Eleaf® iStick E-Cigarettes Vape Online Store, which is a factory authorized vape shop.

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