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2018 Best Fun Electronic Cigarette | Aspire Puxos 80/100W TC Kit

In 2018, the e-cigarette industry introduced a lot of feature-rich e-cigarettes. I think many of my friends are dazzled. What kind of electronic cigarettes are we looking for? I think you are looking for the most interesting electronic cigarette of 2018, the Puxos 80/100W TC Kit from Aspire.

Aspire Puxos 80/100W TC Kit

You can make your life more colorful

What is Aspire Puxos 80/100W TC Kit? This is a flexible product launched by Aspire and it is also an interesting electronic cigarette. The e-cigarette has two different powers, 80W and 100W. In fact, the reason for the two different outputs is that the battery it selects is different. If we choose the 18650 battery, the maximum adjustable output is 80W. When we use 20700 batteries/21700 batteries, the maximum output will be 100W. Isn't it interesting?

Aspire offers us up to 14 optional styles for Aspire Puxos 80/100W TC Kit

 In fact, the best is its magnetic battery cover. With this flexible design, we can easily replace the battery cover according to our ideas. And Aspire offers us up to 14 optional styles. Whether you want to attend a party or attend a meeting today, this one can accompany you. On any occasion, just replace the battery cover, then it becomes another style. I think I can't find the second such interesting device anymore. The stainless steel Cleito Pro tank not only has a more stable image but also has a more convenient structure. OK, secretly share it here. It's more fun, I think you need to discover it yourself. See you next time!

2018 Best Fun Electronic Cigarette Aspire Puxos 80/100W TC Kit

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