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2018 Worth Buying Vape Kit | Vaporesso Cascade One Kit?

Vaporesso is another e-cigarette brand that focuses on product experience. From its products we can easily find that this is a very sincere manufacturer. Its packaging design is very novel and simple, but the product's workmanship is very sophisticated. Its Cascade One Kit is one of its products.

What is Vaporesso Cascade One Kit? This is a Starter Kit designed for beginners. The biggest feature of this type of product is Easy-To-Use. The body of Cascade One has a fire button, and all operations are done by this button. If you are a beginner, you do not need to worry about any difficulty of manipulation. You just need to know that pressing the fire button five times in succession will turn on the power. Its 1800mAh battery capacity guarantees that we can use it safely throughout the day. 2A fast charging technology allows us to shorten the waiting time.

The new vape atomizer structure allows beginners to have a safer experience and it is a good way to avoid e-liquid leaks. The CASCADE Mini uses a separate structure to separate the e-liquid tank from the coil. I think after you get this product you will find more ways to play it. No display brings a lot of power savings and ease of use. We only need to press the fire button to use it without any other operation. It is that simple, a pen style Kit can satisfy our pursuit of vaping. It comes with GT Mesh Coil and GT CCELL2 Coil, whether you are interested in massive vapor or prefer a good taste. Cascade One can do it. Now it only takes $38.90 and you can start your vaping life.

2018 Worth Buying Vape Kit Vaporesso Cascade One Kit?

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