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Wismec LUXOTIC NC Mod | What Will You Get From It?

LUXOTIC NC Mod is loved by everyone because of its retro design style, and it is also a large VAPE Mod with 250W. This is a semi-mechanical vape mod. We can use a knob to adjust the voltage. Do you like it very much? What else does Wismem bring us in addition to these?

What Will You Get From It?

If you like this product too, before you buy it, let's take a look at what the packaging of LUXOTIC NC Mod includes:

1.Wismec LUXOTIC NC 250W VV Box Mod (this product is powered by two 20700/18650 batteries, but the battery is not included in the package, we need to prepare the battery ourselves)
2. Two Battery Sleeve (This product will recommend the use of two 20700 batteries, because it can maximize the performance of LUXOTIC NC Mod. But we can also use 18650 battery with Battery Sleeve)
3.User Manual (user manual will explain how to use LUXOTIC NC, please read carefully before use)
4.Warning Card (please understand what to watch before use)

So these are things you will get at Wismec LUXOTIC NC Mod. If you like this product, you can also buy it from Cloumix.com.

What Will You Get From Wismec LUXOTIC NC Mod

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