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2018 The Cutest Pod Kit | VOOPOO PANDA Pod Starter Kit

VOOPOO is one of my favorite electronic cigarette brands, because this is an e-cigarette brand with a very own design style. I think everyone knows its VOOPOO TOO Kit and Drag Kit, right? These two products have been popular with vaper as soon as they are launched. The new pod kit that I want to bring today, PANDA Pod Starter Kit.
2018 The cutest Pod Kit VOOPOO PANDA Pod Starter Kit

What is VOOPOO PANDA Pod Starter Kit? This is a panda-shaped e-cigarette, yes, super cute panda. I would highly recommend everyone to choose black and white, which is also my favorite color. The Panda kit is a perfect combination of ergonomics and aesthetics. Not only do we get a comfortable experience, but we also get a super cute product. It's not just good looks, you'll get two different pod tanks on this device. One is designed specifically for salt-nicotine and one is designed for normal use. These two different pod tanks have different resistance coils to give us two different vaping experiences. If you are a friend who likes panda elements, don't miss this cute pod vape kit.

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