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What is the Difference Between Common RDA and MTL RDA - How to Choose

RDA is not a strange topic for Vapers. It is loved by users who like DIY Vape because of its outstanding vaping effect. RDA has always been considered a Vapor-made monster before the MTL RDA has been released. So why is there an MTL RDA now? Isn't MTL Vaping more focused on the taste than the vapor production? What is the difference between two different types of RDA?

Common RDA and MTL RDA are not very different in overall structure. Just like the MTL RDA just mentioned, it will pay more attention to the taste experience. So where is the difference? There are two different places here, Airflow control system and Drip Tip. The MTL RDA usually has a more sophisticated airflow ring, and the air intake holes are relatively small.

The more precise airflow control system allows for better control of the amount of vapor production and temperature. Of course, Drip Tip is also a crucial component. MTL RDA comes with a shrinkable Drip Tip. The shrinking shape allows for better compression of the vapor, and ultimately we get a purer and richer taste. So do you like it?

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