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FreeMax News! Fireluke 2 Metal Edition Released

FreeMax latest FreeMax Fireluke 2 Metal Edition,which adopted 90% tea fiber cotton and 10% organic formula of FreeMax patents.

90% fiber cotton and 10% organic cotton formula

The Fireluke 2 uses the X1/X2/TNX2/TX3/TX4 Mesh Coil,slide -to-open to fill design,360° e-liquid feeding.What more,the Fireluke 2 adopted patented 90% fiber cotton and 10% organic cotton formula,derived from 100% natural tee tree essence,combined with new and improved diamond pattern coil.That will give you smoother airflow vaping experience.

The specification of Fireluke 2:

Availiable in 7 solid colors metal edition

The package of Fireluke 2 metal edition includes:

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