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Innokin Kroma-Z Kit Deal

The Kroma-Z looks exactly like the Kroma-R, but just tinier. The material however is different, the body is very light by made out of Magnesium Alloy. Also, It lays nice in the hand and is portable.

Basic operations:

- Fire+up opens a window with puff counter, voltage and ohms, here you can also reset the counter.
- Fire+down locks and unlocks the device, it still allows you to fire while locked.
- Holding up and down brings you into a menu where you can adjust screen on-time (5 to 180s) and Cutoff time (3 to 18s).

It comes packed with an impressive 3000mAh battery and charging fully in about 90 to 95 minutes, it sounds long, but you have to remember it takes time to charge a 3000mAh battery.

The pod has 4.5ml e-juice capacity and is easy to fill without removing it from the body. If you remove the pod and pop on the 510 adapter (sold separately), the pod will become a mod and can work with Zenith, Zenith Pro, Zlide Tanks that are compatible with Z-Coil. Any other 510-adapter tanks can be used as well.

Overall.  it works very well, especially the 3000mAh battery is amazing and being able to get almost 600 puffs on an MTL coil before having to charge is impressive. Do you like the Z-coils, and do you like the Zenith or Zlide? Then this device is just perfect for you, I even enjoy vaping the Kroma Z more than the Zlide, and the Zlide has been my favorite for over a year now. Also, for smokers that are looking for a reliable, easy-to-use device with a long-lasting battery this is a good starter kit.

Now you can find it in our store (Use Code: EXV5 to get the competetvie price):

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