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Ispire Daab Kit Special Offer

Ispire Daab Kit Special Offer, Buy Kit Get Accessories Free. This sale event is only available in retail orders that buy 1 kit and get an extra set of free accessories.

Free Accessories List:

1*Carb Cap

1*Reclaim Cup

1*Inner Cup for Concentrate 2pcs

1*Water Chamber/Carrier Cup

Click the link to buy: https://www.sourcemore.com/ispire-daab-kit.html

What's Ispire Daab?

Daab Kit is a portable induction heating dab kit. Designed with Daab's patent-pending carrier cup, you can enjoy a safe, easy and reliable dabbing experience with an all-glass airflow path for the great blend of temperature control and flavor. Daab can precisely heat the borosilicate glass cup to your desired temperature without any contaminants. It is powered by replaceable dual 18650 battery to bring more power. In addition, Daab Kit supports wax and concentrates of any viscocity to meet different preference. Featuring pass-through charging, it can work while charging. There are auto and manual modes. You can choose the hot or cold dab setting. Some safety features will ensure top performance and safety.


  • Activation Mode Manual and Auto Mode
  • Charging Current 5V/2A
  • Charging Port USB charging port with type c cable
  • Temperature Range 250-800℉
  • Battery Capacity External Dual 18650
  • Liquid Temp Range Optimal at 710℉
  • Recommended Batteries 18650 3000mAh-3500mAh 30A with a minimum 15A CDR rating
  • Color Black

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